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sunset trace

CLIENT: Laguna Art Museum

FIRM: Poetic Kinetics

ROLE: Creative Producer

Commissioned by Laguna Art Museum in collaboration with the City of Laguna Beach, Sunset Trace is a site-specific public art installation on display from November 5 through November 15, 2020. The multicolored kinetic sculpture seamlessly weaves through the palm trees along the shoreline of Main Beach, traversing sections of the walkways and cliffs in a stunning, windborne display. 


Inspired by the graceful murmuration of birds flocking together, or schools of fish coalescing and moving simultaneously, Patrick Shearn’s signature Skynet Series is a constant reminder of nature moving around us. Suspended using transparent monofilament netting and rigged inconspicuously, the undulating forms appear to levitate in midair. Finessed by the unique wind patterns of each site, these outdoor art pieces reveal unseen natural wind elements in unusual, dramatic ways.

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