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I'm an award-winning creative producer, partnerships specialist and editorial consultant based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA..

I bring a jack-of-all-trades spirit to my team, but at the heart of my expertise is a passion for culture, storytelling and collaboration.


Let's work together!

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As a valued client partner, I've worked with Coachella, Estee LauderThe Four Seasons Hotel and EmaarNASAThe Massachussetts Institute of Design and Technology; and other brands and public institutions. 

As a business representative and brand manager, I've worked with Patrick Shearn and Poetic Kinetics and Rose Greenberg, as well as held ambassador roles with Visions 2030 and Hub Los Angeles

My editorial experience spans journalism and branded content in a variety of formats, from digital articles and blogs to books and industry whitepapers. My work has been featured in Fodor's, VICE, LA Weekly, The Culture Trip, Jewish Journal, The Kind and others.

I'm Marnie.

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