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visions in motion 2022

CLIENT: GyeongGi Cultural Foundation

FIRM: Poetic Kinetics

ROLE: Creative Producer

The largescale participatory artwork Visions in Motion is reprised as the keynote installation at Let’s DMZ Peace Art Festival in Pyeonghwa Nuri Park, bordering the Demilitarized Zone bisecting North and South Korea. Displayed in an 800-ft. long site-specific wall configuration, the artwork’s highly participatory format invited the contribution of thousands of message from the public in the DMZ and South Korea, calling for hope, unity and peace. The artwork is comprised of approximately 120,000 pieces of sailcloth containing tens of thousands of messages in over 10-languages from people in over a dozen countries, facilitating an ongoing global conversation.  

Visions in Motion was twice recognized by the 2023 CODA Awards in the Landscape and Top 100 categories.

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