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My Role:

Visions 2030

Monkey Jean Inc.

Earth Editions Lumisphere - immersive installation activation

Public Engagement Consultant

Earth Editions is an eco-consciousness social experiment at California Institute of the Arts hosted by Visions2030. As a last step in an immersive visualization experience, The Lumisphere, I surveyed over 200 people ranging in age from 11 to 75 to learn what their dream of the future looks like. Then I connected them to resources and affinity groups to take a first step to plug into the climate movement.

The Lumisphere consists of three interlocking geodesic domes featuring 180-degree immersive projections and sonic experiences. Visitors are invited to a journey of creative engagement to imagine their own ideal eco-futures. Created in partnership with Visions2030 by Minds Over Matter (formerly Obscura Digital), this collaboration strives to speak to the imaginations of people from all backgrounds within a context of local and global communities. In the final dome, personal eco-futuristic imaginings are rendered, through interactive AI imaging technologies, into images immediately projected in a digital art gallery of collective visioning. ⁠Visitors then meet with guides who can help translate your ideal eco-world into action steps. You can link with affinity groups, noted organizations, or kindred spirits with similar passions — or chart your own path! Participants meet with eco-minded guides to wok out action steps and have armchair conversations on various topics, such as ecological remediation, future economies, traditional knowledge, ocean, biodiversity, housing, water, pollution, public health. Mind-bending, life-changing speakers include leaders from Breathe SoCal, Center for Earth Ethics, Clockshop, Crenshaw Dairy Mart, Earthjustice, En-ROADS, MiniForest LA, LA River Public Art Project, Mongol Tribe, Sierra Club, Systemic Impact Strategies, Transition US, TreePeople, and Union Theological Seminary.

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